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"Johnathan Singer’s astonishingly multidimensional video mixology returns my static visions to the feeling of their flowing kaleidoscopic source."

Alex Grey

"In the realm of visual projection, Johnathan Singer stands out as a forerunner of progressive psychedelia. I am often bored at what illuminates the screens at live musical events, but when I first saw his work I was transfixed with the beauty, elegance, and creativity behind the imagery. He is a master at taking 2d visionary artwork into the realm of full on animated dreamscapes. I have had the pleasure of working with him at many events and beyond the visuals, he is a solid professional and all around great guy."

Carey Thompson

"Johnathan Singer is a magician. In collaborating with him I get to see my own paintings, usually so familiar, through fresh eyes. I am able to melt in with the crowd and become one in the audience. Johnathan offers a gift of releasing attachment to my art as I have grown to believe it exists, concretely and finitely. It is such a delight to witness my artwork shifting and spiraling in and out on itself, pulsing, dancing. The paintings are transformed and re-created. The art becomes new again."

Autumn Skye Morrison

"It was at one of those summer music festival campout gatherings way up in the woods of Northern California. I was showing and selling art at the festival. One night I took a break from the art booth and took a stroll through the campground, just taking in the sights- funky buses and cars, lovingly decorated tents, people enjoying good times with their friends…I saw something colorful flickering on a wall off in the distance, so I walked over there to check it out. The man behind all this eyecandy recognized me, and introduced himself- Johnathan Singer! I let him know that he deserved to be working Mainstage instead of the parking lot… and now, several years later- He is known as one of the best!"

Mark Henson

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