About Johnathan Singer

Johnathan Singer, Live Visual Artist


The entrepreneurial spirit has driven Johnathan Singer from an early age. By 24, he began a career in publishing when he created the socially conscious lifestyle magazine “West Side Life” in Southern California.  The experience expanded his connections with a wide range of artists, musicians, presenters and live performance personnel.


Collaborating with the art world inspired Johnathan to become an artist in his own right. He began performing real-time multimedia light shows to support concerts and musicians he knew through “West Side Life”.  Singer’s artistic versatility also includes creative director roles, designing and producing DVDs for music producers, musicians, and other visionary artists.


Singer pushed the boundaries of technology through these performances leading to new art forms which incorporated computer-generated images, texture maps, custom 3D animations and special effects. These innovations activated his audiences both with visual and auditory experience. His progressive art style propelled him as a live VJ, growing his business, and leading him to perform all over the globe.



Today Johnathan is one of the most notorious visionary artists creating content for world renowned Lighting Designers and VJs. Some of his most noted artist collaborations are with Alex and Allyson Grey, Chris Dyer, Amanda Sage, Tipper, The Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary shows, and Dead & Company.


He is proud to have done multiple productions at Red Rocks Amphitheater (Denver), Soldier Field (Chicago), The Beacon Theater (NYC), The Sony Theater (NYC), The Fillmore (SF), among others.