Performance Stills

I feel lucky to have grown up in Los Angeles surrounded by artists, musicians, and in a time with unprecedented technologies being developed. Through being immersed in so much inspiration, I began to imagine a whole new way of layering and embedding visuals into live musical performances.   I wanted to express the cascade of inner visions that music inspired in me.  I began to imagine cross-pollinating art and music using my technological skills.


I am continually amazed at how the ever unfolding combinations of collaborating artists with given performers produce experiences that can never be replicated.  The rush of performing live keeps fueling me to create more art.   The exchange of audience and performers continually enriches the transmission of remixing art Live.


Here is a selection of some of my favorite live sets for your enjoyment. Click on any thumbnail below to see full size image. You can also view additional galleries here for Original Art & Videos.